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National Regenerative Agriculture day is a united national movement to raise awareness around Regenerative Agriculture and the benefits to helping heal the land and our communities. This day is about a powerful fundraising stand and educational movement between our farmers, our educators, our gardeners, our foodies, our students, our #heartyourfarmer and the people of our nation as we attempt to restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains. This is a movement of people who are standing true for the future of Australia and Planet Earth. It is time to end drought one farm at a time and bring health, sovereignty and sustainability to the future of our children. Join the facebook page and connect.

To transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture and support them to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in their soil from 1% to 8%. 


NRAD is responding to the the current impact of severe droughts, fires, floods and desertification, by supporting our farmers to increase the carbon in their soil and transition to regenerative agriculture. Increasing carbon in the soil decreases chemical uses, saves water, improves biodiversity and grows healthier food.


“This is a movement to heal the heart of our foodchain. There is no bigger bolder achievement then to inspire the heart of our farmers across the nation to embrace regenerative agriculture and restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains.”



The state of farming today isn’t ideal. Currently, the carbon levels in our soil is at an all-time low at 1%. Industrial farming practices that result in bare agriculture ground releases carbon into the atmosphere and we lose it from the soil. Many industrial practices have destroyed our natural biodiversity accelerating species extinction and destroying much of the world’s natural wildlife habitat. Furthermore a third of earth’s soil is acutely degraded due to industrial agriculture resulting in desertification with over 40% of the world’s population affected. 

We'd love you to join us! There are lots of ways to get involved with National Regenerative Agriculture Day. The first step is to sign up below, and if you're on social media follow us on Facebook and InstagramLike to do more? As a small not-for-profit, we rely on the support of our community and active volunteers. Here are some of the ways you might like to get involved:


“As the problems of the world become more and more complex, the solutions become clear and simple.” 

One Australian family spend their life savings and travel to the USA, spending 4 years documenting a style of farming that will help change the fate of humanity!

Set amidst the stunning Shenandoah Valley in northern Virginia, ‘Polyface Farm’ is led by the “the world’s most innovative farmer” (TIME) and uses no chemicals and feeds over 6,000 families and many restaurants and food outlets within a 3 hour ‘foodshed’ of their farm.

‘Polyfaces’ is a joyful film about connecting to the land and the community. Produced over 4 years it follows the Salatin’s, a 4th generation farming family who do ‘everything different to everyone else’ as they produce food in a way that works with nature, not against it. Using the symbiotic relationships of animals and their natural functions, they produce high quality, nutrient-dense products.

We show how they regenerate their landscapes, communities, local economies, customer’s health and most importantly their soils. We meet various characters and follow their powerful, personal journeys as they benefit physically and emotionally from the Salatin’s way of farming. This model is being replicated throughout our global village, proving that we can provide quality produce without depleting our planet.

Agriculture is the most damaging industry but it doesn’t have to be and this regenerative model of food production could be just the thing that saves us!

We are a family who’ve decided to put the future of humanity ahead of watching and wondering. Together we’ve used and built on our talents to create a feature length film of outstanding quality and power — a fitting tribute to the future that we know is possible.

Come join us!

1. Subscribe to Regener8 Magazine.

2. Subscribe to the website.

3. Subscribe $8 a month to Carbon8.



FARMING DEMOCRACY opens the farm gates, it opens the books and ledgers, and aims to open our hearts and minds to the farming community. This book lets the world see the true work, rewards, and costs of farming!

Farming Democracy tells the story of family farms doing things differently. They are working for a ‘new normal’ in agriculture that is fair to soil, water, animals, and people. These farmers are building regenerative, agroecological systems that are viable in an epoch that has seen a sharp decline in the number of farms globally.


Our Mission: Green Up Australia and Heal the Heart of our Food Chain. Interested in getting involved and joining our part-time paid/volunteer team. For more information and a break down of job description please email your interest to volunteer@carbon8.org.au



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1. Dig up your frontlawn and plant a garden

2. Plant trees anywhere you can 

3. Print our posters and poster them

4. Organise a Field Day

5. Organise a regenerative dinner party (GO BANANA'S & TASTE THE CARBON MORING TEAS)

6. Do the Hydration Experiment click here

Join our Regenerative Farmers as they read, watch and listen. The books contained in the box are actual stories (many from Australian farmers) that have survived drought by adapting their practices towards a regenerative model and transitioned from desertification to total regeneration.  The books, dvds and audios map a path of knowledge on each subject that pertains to a regeneration of our soils and food-chain. We hope that these stories and their actual solutions bring immediate hope, rejuvenation and support to our courageous farmers as they seek out long-term solutions to this drought.

Learn more about the CARBON8 SMART BOX here.



Red Tipped Banana's are a creative initiative to identify a regenerative food item in absence of a formal Regenerative Certified Label. When you buy Red-Tip Banana's you buy the highest nutritional Banana in Australia. This National Regenerative Agriculture Day 2020 Go Banana's and host a dinner party using red-tip's.


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It's easy to get involved. Register an event. Host an event. Promote an event. Write about an event. Go to an event. Support your local farmers market and community garden. Spend your Valentine's at a restaurant supporting NRAD by using regenerative and organic food ingredients. Become a CARBON8 subscriber at $8 a month. Teach a classroom lesson to your students. Become an Impact Partner. Host a dinner party conversation.

Join your local Landcare Group

Join Young Farmers Connect

Join Bionutrients Food Association

Join the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Join 2040



Print out our posters and take to your community noticeboards, schools, workplaces and community gardens.

Volunteer to translate our posters into other languages.

Volunteer to translate website.

Volunteer your Editorial / Advertorial / Marketing Skills, Administration Skills, IT Skills, Design Skills and Fundraising Skills.

Come to a NRAD meeting Daylesford VIC and Wallangra NSW (to be announced)

Regenerative Agriculture.

Try me.

I make flowers in grass.

And soil that your kids can eat.

And trees with friggen happy birds.     

And food that fills you with light.

I am the most GIANT poet.

You smile.

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