This year, we celebrate the sacred heart of Valentine’s day. The true ancient routes (roots) of regenerative agriculture, and how it all flows back to healing our waterways, rivers and water cycles.


What is sacred regeneration? How can we connect ancient Original knowledge with regenerative agriculture and the healing of our soils, rivers and waterways? Join NRAD 2021 for timeless wisdom and heart-felt "soilutions" from our farmers, foodies, elders and hearty business and community leaders. Together we answer the question ‘what would love do now coming into 2021.’



Ria Of The River,

NRAD's new Mascot.

Our beloved Platypus

helps us to focus

on healing our

sacred rivers and



There are lots of ways to get involved with National Regenerative Agriculture Day. 

The first step is to sign up below, and if you're on social media follow us to be kept up to date!


National Regenerative Agriculture Day (NRAD) is a united national day to raise awareness around Regenerative Agriculture and the benefits of helping heal the land and our waterways. 

This day is about a powerful fundraising stand and educational movement between our farmers, our Original people, our educators, our gardeners, our foodies, our students, our #heartyourfarmer and the people of our nation as we attempt to restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains.

This is a movement of people who are standing true for the future of Australia and Planet Earth. It's time to celebrate the soilutions and bring health, sovereignty and sustainability to the future of our children.


“This is a movement to heal the heart of our foodchain. There is no bigger bolder achievement then to inspire the heart of our farmers across the nation to embrace regenerative agriculture and restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains.”



You are invited to a night of timeless wisdom and heart-felt soilutions from our Elders, farmers, foodies and hearty business and community leaders to help our community answer the question - How do we together inspire and connect to sacred regeneration through community engagement, deep listening, music and collective conversations? 

Special guests include Uncle Lewis Walker, a Wisdom Keeper Elder, Custodian of the Rivers of Australia and Sacred Teacher of the Bundjalung Culture.

“The night will be MC’d by the hosts of Eat.Dirt an impact production about the future of how we cultivate and consume food.” The intrepid trio for Eat.Dirt, Maree Lowe, Clayton Donavon (Originie Chef Extraordinaire) and Charlie Arnott (Podcast

Broadcaster of the year).



If you purchased this calendar in search of naked farmers, rippling six packs and conveniently placed aubergines, we’re afraid you may be left feeling a touch disappointed....


Instead you’ll find stories celebrating the work of twelve regenerative farmers who are doing much more than simply producing food. 


These unsung heroes are busy growing the way towards environmental regeneration, whilst playing a key role in improving the health of our food-chain and caring for the majestic planet we call our home.


Monthly moon and planting calendar also included. 


A percentage of all monies raised with the sale of this calendar is donated to the charity CARBON8.


One Mob Garden Project

We invite you to Buy Me A Coffee (or two!) to support the One Mob Garden Project which aims to grow a permaculture farm located at Rocky River, Jubullum (near Tabulum).

Buy Me A Coffee is a simple, meaningful way to contribute $5 to a project that is dear to your heart.

The food forest will play an important role in supporting the local community connect to country, learn more about cultural practices and develop a turtle garden in honour of the turtle divers.

The garden (along with the medicine garden) will provide nutrient-dense food, an ongoing source of income, improve health and wellbeing and provide food security with an abundant source of veggies and fruit (when the trees mature!!).  Your cup of coffee will be used to buy seedlings and plants, provide resources to support the gardens (including the medicine garden), build a children's playground and provide much-needed teaching resources for the jahjams (children).


You can follow our journey by connecting on our FB pages - Connect to Sacred and The National Regenerative Agriculture Day.

Boogle bare (thank you) and Yoweh. 


“This is a movement to heal the heart of our food-chain. There is no bigger bolder achievement than to inspire the heart of our farmers across the nation to embrace regenerative agriculture and restore balance back to our soils, environments and food chains.”


To transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture and support them to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in their soil from 1% to 8%. 

Regenerative Agriculture.

Try me.

I make flowers in grass.

And soil that your kids can eat.

And trees with big happy birds.     

And food that fills you with light.

And water that lives.     

I am the most GIANT poet.

You smile.

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