What would love do now is a charity advocating for individuals practicing, supporting or engaging regeneration of our eco-system, soil, food chain, communities and culture. 

What Would Love Do Now Ltd is the charity behind NRAD. Founded in 2017, by a farmer, an accountant and an artist - Mike McCosker, Helen McCosker and Kelly JonesIntended to grow into a Charity that could help SEED the many fantastic communities, organisations, innovations, technologies and individuals who are already providing solutions and expertise in the restoration of Australia and more broadly our global environment. An organisation that was not focused on a specific problem that needed a specific answer but rather looked at how we could participate in bringing balance, harmony and regeneration to all areas of our experience. What would love do now?


Located in the rural farming village of Wallangra NSW and now the rolling hills of Daylesford VIC, we understand for real change one has to begin with the heart. Our soil. This was at a time when the focus of charities was on short-term drought relief. Our focus? Long-term regenerative solutions which improves the resilience of land, farmers and communities. Our intention: to get the farmer, their families and their communities out of the drought better than when they went in by creating a movement to green up Australia. 

Our collective experience of over twenty years of working in Regenerative Agriculture and in rural communities has given us real insight, and in 12 short months, we have kicked some big goals.

  • We have established key collaborations within the major regenerative agriculture organisations;

  • founded the National Regenerative Agriculture Day (14 February yearly)

  • helped get a Regenerative Agriculture curriculum and lesson plans into Australian schools;

  • launched CARBON8 Australia's first regenerative fundraising platform supporting farmers transition from conventional agriculture to regenerative practices

  • assisted in supporting Great Barrier Reef regenerative farmers in a submission to the GBRF with collaboration from Regenerate Earth Ltd.

  • established an online merchandise shop promoting Regenerative Agriculture;

  • created the podcast REGENER8

  • been invited to join the global transformation S-lab based in Michigan, USA.

  • partnered with documentary 2040

  • launched BEAT OF THE BUSH in response to supporting our young people get out of the drought better than when they went


We know that we can achieve amazing results through participatory conversations, collaboration and partnerships. And though we are a small start-up charity we strive to do our best to be of service to the planet and all living beings. 

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