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Every person on the planet is affected by a worldwide deluge of man-made chemicals and pollutants - many of which have never been tested for safety. 

NRAD is one of few Australian charities tackling the #seriousdirt on chemicals in agriculture. Our three-year strategy exposes the extensive harms caused by these commonly-used poisons and provides effective solutions which benefit farmers, the quality of foods produced and our environment.


You are invited to amplify our impact with your donation, organise an event, or become an Impact Partner and work with us to heal the heart of our food chain.

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NRAD Ambassadors and The Alliance

What do they do?


The Ambassadors for NRAD are active leaders and supporters of regenerative agricultural practices. Through their particular and diverse areas of work, as well as their exemplary presence, they support NRAD's exposure of chemicals in the food chain, and raise awareness of the many and easily available health-giving solutions from regenerative agriculture growers.

The NRAD Ambassadors enrich our engagement by fostering cooperation on shared interests and supporting a collaborative network.


Our Ambassadors are invited to:

  • Create awareness through their visibility. NRAD will provide marketing collateral for the 2023 campaign.

  • Inspire engagement by providing updates and support for the 2023 campaign, including sharing marketing collateral within their networks. 

  • Be available for 2-3 interviews

  • Be involved in a community event on or around NRAD on the 14th February 2023


The Alliance:

Exposing the vast quantities and types of toxic chemicals in the Australian food-chain is a huge task. NRAD is commencing in 2023 by initiating a powerful alliance.

This Alliance is a citizen-led movement committed to:

  • Coming together in collaboration, care and wisdom to inspire change at the highest levels of government, within our food chain and our communities.

  • Challenging all levels of government  to amend the present laws enabling the widespread use of chemicals in the food chain, especially those used where the environment is severely affected resulting in the loss of habitats and species through poisoning.

  • Our three-year strategy aims to create a national food strategy and provide alternative soilutions for farmers.


Individuals, communities, associations, organisations and enterprises who care about the foods they eat, the land on which they live, the playgrounds and schoolyards in which children gather, and all who care for the future of our grandchildren’s grandchildren are invited to create this citizen-led movement and influence change at local, state and federal government levels.



NRAD2023 invites you to collaborate as we expose the #SERIOUSDIRT on chemical use in Australian agriculture, and the impacts on every Australian’s health and well-being. 


Tuesday, 14 February 2023 


Includes: Saturday 10 until Friday 16 February 2023

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Across Australia


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